Founded in 2010, DCS is an established full service civil engineering consulting firm offering expertise focused on public traffic, transportation, drainage and water and wastewater treatment facilities.

Core Principles

DCS's touchstone principles, trust, quality, teamwork, service and integrity are from which each employee endeavors to deliver through the types of projects and services offered.


DCS provides a wide range of civil engineering planning and design services so that the complex and varied project needs of our clients can be served through a singular trusted firm and responsible point of contact.


We are a quality first firm assisting clients in all stages from project identification through construction administration and startup.


Our team of experts utilizes their creative problem solving skills, deep technical strength and trusted solution approaches to deliver solidly engineered projects.We actively look for opportunities to introduce clients to each other where mutual benefit from a project could be realized through the joint effort and relationship of those clients.


DCS was founded on pragmatic solutions to complex problems and implementation of holistic system wide solutions. DCS excels at day to day operational troubleshooting of existing infrastructure; optimizing and maximizing existing infrastructure beyond its original design intent.


Solving and communicating with integrity throughout a project provides our clients with the maximum benefit to meet their long-term infrastructure goals.