Jul 12, 2023

Employee Profile – Brittany Swinton

Brittany was born and raised in Ogden, Utah, located 45 minutes from Salt Lake City. She studied at Weber University, honing in on HR.  Brittany gained experience and flourished while working at a local distribution center. Until that point, Brittany had never left the nest. She felt that something was missing, so at the age of twenty two, Brittany’s adventurous spirit pushed her to seek novel experiences near and far. “I wanted to see new places that I have never been and have new adventures. I went to the Philippines, then Texas and then moved to Arizona.” 

In February 2020, Brittany made a life changing decision to put down roots in Austin, Texas. “For me, it was wanting to transition into something new at the time.” Brittany first applied to DCS through a temporary agency on a trial basis  and knew instantly that she was in the right place. Brittany’s friendly personality, pragmatic approach, and strong HR skills stood out right away, and DCS scooped her up quickly. “Everyone was so inviting and so nice to me. I fit right in here and felt at home from the start three years ago. They offered me a permanent position as Office Manager that I gladly accepted.”

Brittany’s specialty is handling various duties with ease; from overseeing employee onboarding to event planning and maintenance, she does it all. Brittany’s duties are also her pathway to her passion for learning. “Wiley Webb showed me different things as far as office work goes, and I have learned a lot from Ross Strozewski. I do a lot of maintenance and help coworkers with things outside the building, so I have added to what I know and can do here.”  Savoring a little bit of wanderlust, Brittany enjoys meeting and getting to know everyone at the company. “As Office Manager, I get to learn about people and the environment in many different cultures, from different states and countries.” Brittany leans into the weekly challenges knowing that trusting the process is something she can count on for success.  “No matter what it is, I take it in and take time to think, plan and execute through, to have an answer for each scenario.”  Her first year at DCS, Brittany got to know the engineers by joining them on a trip to the West SH-130 Interceptor job site in Pflugerville, TX . “It was cool to go to the job site and take pictures of the project and gain perspective of what the engineers that I work with do.” 

Much like the office, Brittany is the hub of her home. She lives with her mom and German shepherd puppy, Zoey. Zoey is two years old with a friendly and spirited on-the-go personality that perfectly matches Brittany’s speed. Typically they can be found playing at the park or taking a walk in the neighborhood. Rarely slowing down, Brittany enjoys cleaning to unwind at home. “It may not be for everyone, but it helps me relax.” Now and again a company finds someone like Brittany, the glue that holds everything together. “At DCS, helping people is my gift, and they know I am there if they need a hand. My coworkers lean on me here quite a bit, which I enjoy.”