May 27, 2023

Employee Profile – Cori Marks

In 2020, Cori Marks found herself at a crossroads, furloughed and then laid off during Covid quarantine. “I’m such a people person, and I love to talk. During a pandemic, it was a nightmare. I needed people. Job hunting on its own can be defeating with all of the rejection – you expect it and you grow from it- but during a pandemic, it’s even worse. You tend to grasp onto the people that will give you a chance.” She found a DCS job posting on and started work the following month as a Project Coordinator. 

Her engaging personality and easy conversational manner soon became superpowers in her new role at DCS. Her degree in Psychology from Texas State University also helped. “I was NOT from an Engineering background, so it was a different dynamic. Once I got here, it felt like the right fit, like I was in the right spot with the right people. Sometimes quiet engineers need a loud outsider to bring out their best.” She had no experience in Civil Engineering but her previous experience as Project Coordinator gave her an advantage, managing tasks and schedules. “We’re in a consulting industry. We have a plan and a schedule but, in the end, there are always things that push you off track, so you have to deal with them and find ways to overcome. My learning style is very hands on, so that’s been a good thing at DCS. I’ve been able to train on the job and learn about the different departments and systems quickly so I can be utilized quickly.” 

Cori is a native Texan, growing up on the Northwest side of Houston then living in San Marcos as she attended Texas State University. After college, she moved to California for a job opportunity. She spent two years there but moved back to Texas as soon as possible. “That was the hardest part, being away from my family. I missed home, and I’m making up for that now. If I have a free weekend, I’m going to visit my family.” Now she lives in South Austin and enjoys road trips and vacations at a lakeside cabin or trips to the river with friends and family. 

In an ideal world, Cori dreams of living in Italy and pursuing her passion for food. “I would do something Culinary. I love to eat, so let’s just go to Italy. Why not do something with food so I can eat well and learn something at the same time? Pasta and wine, and I don’t need to say anything more! How do they make it taste so good? I feel like I would cook more if I had a broader perspective, and knew how to pair all the right flavors.”

Cori enjoys her role at DCS, learning, contributing and growing. “When you find the right fit, you feel even more appreciative. I had no Civil Engineering experience, but once I got here, the work kept me here. I felt needed, and I felt purposeful, learning and teaching others. I just want to absorb everything that I can, growing with DCS.”