Jul 19, 2023

Employee Profile – Patricio Galindo

Patricio Galindo was born and raised in the beautiful city of Monterey, Mexico, a city known for its delicious cuisine and a mountainous backdrop wrapped around the city’s basin. Athletic from a young age, Patricio grew up playing soccer. “I played sports since I was five years old at soccer academy and competitive mode when I was in high school. I still like any sport that utilizes a ball.” When Patricio was not kicking the ball around as a kid, he was traveling and experiencing a diverse array of academics and culture. He ventured to China, studied in Sydney, Australia, and explored Dubai, taking the opportunity to see the worlds’ tallest buildings there. After graduating from Monterey Tech with a Bachelors in Civil Engineering, Patricio traveled to the U.S. in 2020 where he earned a Masters of Science in Engineering Management at SMU in Dallas. 

Patricio is the first engineer in the family. “When I was young, I liked science, physics, and mathematics.“ As a child, Patricio noticed the improvements made to the streets in Monterey, and this inspired him to pursue a career in civil engineering. “College gave me strong technical fundamentals to be able to learn faster on the job, how infrastructure should be designed at the skill level needed for my position.” 

But his career in the United States did not come without some challenges, because of the unfamiliar measurement system. “ From my internship in Mexico, I was used to making calculations in the metric system. It was a different unit system here. For instance, things were measured in feet and not meters, so there was a learning curve as technical aspects had to be translated.” 

Patricio appreciates the opportunity at DCS to learn so many aspects of the business. “You get to know everyone. DCS is still growing, so you get to wear different hats than if you were at a much larger company wearing only one hat. Here I work on project development and estimation which gives you a wider perspective of the project once you start the engineering design work.” Patricio is learning managerial skills which will help him grow exponentially in his career. “Here I get personal communication with our CEO. People at DCS can become friends more than just coworkers because it is a family here.”