Jul 19, 2023

July 15 – Summer Party

Our Summer Party at the Circuit of the Americas brought friends, families, and loved ones together to beat the heat and have a fantastic time at the racetrack. The event was filled with joy, excitement, and celebration, and the delicious food and festive atmosphere added to the overall enjoyment of the day. Congratulations to the winners of all the various races during this fun-filled Saturday.

Our spirit of camaraderie truly makes DCS gatherings fun, and this event exemplified the hard-working and fun-loving spirit of our team. We value the dedication and hard work of our employees, and we also recognize the importance of downtime to pause, relax and enjoy ourself, strengthening the bonds between colleagues and enjoying the time together with all of our families.

It’s important to have fun and celebrate these moments, and DCS understands the significance of such occasions.