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1.15 Million Gallons per Day (MGD) Concrete Ground Storage Tank

City of Houston

Design and Construction Management Services to Improve a Water Treatment Plant 

DCS was contracted to provide design and construction administration services for an existing WTP, constructing a 1.15 Million Gallons per Day (MGD) pre-stressed concrete Ground Storage Tank (GST) and installing new pipeline and gate valves. Alterations were also made to the booster pump system that feeds water to the distribution system, downsizing a pump to avoid the on-off cycles that cause premature wear, while also ensuring that the overall capacity remained unchanged to avoid re-permitting issues. 

DCS also re-engineered the onsite drainage to resolve flooding concerns, and modified the existing piping onsite to maximize operational flexibility, navigating challenges while working around the existing underground infrastructure of the facility.

Skyview of project
Skyview of project