Fort Bend County Wastewater Treatment Plant

DCS performed discharge permitting, preliminary engineering, design, bidding, and construction administration for the phased construction of this concrete treatment facility to increase plant capacity from 0.6 mgd to 1.2 mgd. The phased construction included modifications to an existing package treatment plant to expand the capacity from 0.600 mgd to 0.900 mgd and then the construction of a permanent concrete treatment facility to increase plant capacity to 1.20 mgd. The project included coordinating with the plant Operators to repurpose and modify selected treatment processes to reduce construction and operations cost. The site also has a sludge holding basin, thickener, dewatering pad, blower building, debris building, chlorination system, dechlorination system, effluent pumping station, 3.0 mgd reclaimed water pumping station, 0.45 mg prestressed below grade storage tank, and hydrotank. Plans incorporated the methods required to keep the existing plant in operation during construction without impacting the construction cost.