Image Credit: DCS


Impact Way Extension Phase III

City of Pflugerville

Design and Engineering Services for a Roadway Extension

DCS was contracted by The City of Pflugerville to provide construction administrative services for the extension of Impact Way, a North-South thoroughfare servicing new development on the west side of SH 130, extending the roadway by 960 Linear Feet (LF). The 48 ft wide asphalt roadway is flanked by 6 ft sidewalks, about half of which is positioned atop a 7’x4’ concrete box storm sewer. Though the roadway extension spanned a relatively short distance, it incorporated the use of a box culvert bridge and a Reinforced Concrete Box (RCB) culvert bridge, necessary to accommodate the flow from the former drainage ditches. Grading and site work was also required to fill an existing drainage ditch and reroute the flow to the RCB storm sewer system. The project also required construction of a hammerhead turnaround for large vehicles. The location and elevation of this extension was designed thoughtfully, to accommodate future extensions of the roadway.

DCS Engineering Wastewater Master Planning Hutton
DCS Engineering Wastewater Master Planning Hutton