Image Credit: Kingsland M.U.D.


Kingsland Wastewater Master Planning

Kingsland Municipal Utility District (MUD)

Master planning for the Kingsland MUD, recommending a three-phase plan to upgrade their aging system.

DCS analyzed the current operations of Kingsland MUD’s 35-year-old Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) and recommended three phases of improvement. Phase I addressed immediate operational needs by replacing and modifying existing components. Phase II will modify the existing plant to accommodate higher Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) concentrations , and will maximize the operational efficiency of existing equipment by flow-pacing return activated sludge (RAS) pump stations and blowers. The system will also receive new components including a new aeration basin, a clarifier splitter box, and a waste activated sludge (WAS) pumping station. Phase III will add a new solids management system comprised of a new thickener, an additional centrifuge, and a dewatering building, and will also increase tertiary filtration and chlorine contact basin capacity to better accommodate peak flows.

DCS Engineering Kingsland MUD 1
DCS Engineering Kingsland MUD 2