Image Credit: City of Pflugerville


Waterlines, Sanitary Sewers, Paving and Drainage

Pflugerville Community Development Corporation (PCDC)

Engineering, design, and construction services for an industrial park in Pflugerville.

DCS developed a Master Plan for the phased development of an industrial park, working closely with the client throughout the bidding, hiring and construction process. Ultimately, the work was portioned into two phases and awarded to two construction companies. Using topographic/route surveys, boundary surveys, easements, and plat creation, DCS created plans and specifications for all phases of construction, including erosion control, drainage structures, water, wastewater, storm sewer, roadway, dry utilities and sidewalks. Despite unexpected project challenges, the project was completed on-schedule.

At the Client’s request, DCS designed a unique, two-lane roundabout as a focal point of the property. The firm engineered all public improvements -including ramps and crosswalks- for pedestrian safety and regulatory compliance. Our team modeled the water system, sanitary sewer, drainage ditch, and detention ponds, throughout the industrial park.

Industrial Park Drainage in Pflugerville DCS Engineering